Seeing From God's Perspective

God has something different to say about your life than you do. While you have your own point of view on what you are going through, God has another point of view. He wants you to lay down your limited perspective, and be humble enough to adopt His perspective.

The Power of Perspective

But really a shift in perspective is often the catalyst for a significant change in someone. We love the stories of the underdog team. Losing the game, then after halftime they get into the locker room, all talk, come together, and turn things around.

These stories are inspiring because it’s a reminder that the power to change was there the whole time. It just wasn’t recognized. It’s a reminder that there is another option than the current path you are on.

Jesus was master at shifting perspective

He was famous for challenging people’s world views. He would say things like “You’ve heard it said one way, but now I say to you…”

In fact his main message was that the kingdom of God is at hand.

  • When the world thought that God had forgotten them, he brought a contradicting message.
  • When the world thought that God had abandoned them, he taught that God actually loved them.

If you are to adopt God’s perspective it means you adopt:

  1. A Scriptural Perspective
  2. A Spiritual Perspective

Main Scripture: Luke 24 The Road to Emmaus

January 21, 2021
Brandon Davis

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