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God created you for a purpose.

 Take a step closer to God's plan for your life.

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Let's talk about
cell groups.

1. Find your family.
Real friendships can be hard to find. We’ll dive into the real stuff together.
2. Become like Jesus.
Study God's word and become who you were meant to be.
3. Engage in Jesus' mission.
Learn to share your faith.

Life Class

A personal Encounter with Jesus changes everything.
In this 9 week course you will learn to have a relationship with Jesus in your everyday life and live every day with purpose, without feeling confused about learning the bible, alone in your walk with God or embarrassed of your mistakes.
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Leadership Development

Destiny Training

Destiny Training
Become a leader who makes a difference.
Be equipped to lead yourself, your family, and your community!
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Destiny Training Term 1
Develop vision for your life. Learn about God's dream for the world.
Books: The Power of a Vision and Pastored by God’s Love
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Destiny Training Term 2
Learn to share your faith. Form a family that stands for God.
Books: A Winning Strategy and Families with a Purpose
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Destiny Training Term 3
Become an effective leader. Learn to lead with the Holy Spirit.
Books: The Holy Spirit Within Me and Effective Leadership
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Marriage Growth

Married People Monthly

Keep Investing In Your Marriage
Every month you'll receive marriage activities to do together to deepen your relationship and we'll keep you posted on upcoming marriage events.