Finding True Life

The way of Jesus is the way of self sacrifice and self denial. To FIND our lives we must LOSE our lives for Him. This is the great paradox that we are going to dive into.

To find our lives we must lose them

It’s VERY important that we understand the heart of God when we interpret this admonishment from Jesus. God is a FATHER. He desires that we live in TRUE LIFE. He is loving and caring, not cold and mean. He guides and corrects us as a FATHER.

The lie we’ve believed… Life is about me. To live the “good life” means to do everything you can to fulfill yourself. 

The truth we need to remember… To find TRUE LIFE I must actually give up my life for Jesus. I must take on His attitude and His way of self sacrifice and self denial.

What is the end result of unbridled human desire and self seeking? What’s the fruit?
  • Divorce, adultery, broken families
  • Corruption fueled by greed on every level
  • Burnout and perpetual dissatisfaction with life
  • Broken relationships
What is the fruit of a life lived in self sacrifice?
  • The greatest will be a servant
  • Righteousness, peace, joy, gladness (Romans, Acts 2)
  • Deep community and deep relationships

“To FIND our lives we must LOSE our lives for Him.This is the great paradox.”

To be the church; the community that the church needs we must become this kind of people. To bring healing to our land we must respond and embrace the call of Christ to “deny ourselves, take up our cross, and follow Him.

January 21, 2021
Brandon Davis

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